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42 Colorful Peace Poles Design Ideas For Your Garden

Totems are made of cedar which can be used for many purposes. Every totem figure represents an element in the story. The poles have recorded the legends of the tribes and have no written languages. Figures on the totem crafts are not gods that you need to worship but they were usually compared with the emblems in an arm or they are the Great Seal of United States.

Different Forms of Totem Poles

There are various forms of the so called totem poles. They are the memorial, mortuary, shame poles and many others. Memorial poles are being lifted as a respect to a deceased member of the clan or tribe. Mortuary poles serve similar purpose but are built-in the cubicle for the ashes of the dead. Shame poles are engraved to castigate the person who had done something wrong to the village or clan. These poles are being brought down only if the offending individual had done appropriate reparations and was forgiven. Some poles represented myths or folklores of the tribe or were hoisted in honor of vital deeds or actions.

Designs and Colors

Colors were restricted due to the accessibility of natural dyes, with black as the most widespread. It was created by pulverizing soot, charcoal or graphite and combining it with powdered salmon eggs. Red is utilized for less important elements, which came from red iron ore and blue-green utilized for accent, were created from copper.

Ordinary totemic figures entail Raven (sign of the maker), Eagle (representing peace and friendship), Killer Whale (symbol for strength), Thunderbird, Bear, Frog, Beaver, and Wolf.

Totem Crafts Nowadays

Indigenous carvers found in the Northwest coastlines carry on in carving totem poles to show expression of culture and ethnicity in addition to a demonstration of tribe kinship. Although the use of totem poles had changed, they are believed to be genuine if produced in accordance with traditional regulations by cravers who are trained and authorized by any Northwest coast clan and are blessed and also raised by leaders of a tribe who are parts of totem pole custom. Poles which are not created under these circumstances are considered fakes or bogus.


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