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42 Outstanding Bohemian Hallway To Inspire Today

All of us have some sort of hallways in our homes. Some of us have left the hallway as it is, while some have added some bare minimums to it. Your hallway is part of your home. You should not just decorate the rooms in your house while leaving the hallway as it is. Spice up this part of your home and you will see how much potential this area has to look great. So what can you do to decorate your hallway? Here are three simple hallway decorating ideas.

First of all, if you have a hallway, one of the easiest things to do is to place a rug on the floor. Suitable hallway rugs include runner rugs or braided rugs. Get a rug that is slightly smaller than the whole hallway as you want something to highlight the hallway and not overwhelm it.

A runner or an area rug will also add depth, warmth and splashes of color to this otherwise plain area. Choose from the many designs available and make sure it goes with the rest of your home. You can get great looks from a geometrical patterned rug, bold stripes, oriental rugs or Persian rugs.

Another easy thing to do is to hang a mirror on one of the walls of your hallway. A mirror will immediately open your eyes and make the hallway look bigger. Mirrors are also great as they reflect light thus creating a great ambiance for your hallway. You don’t have to get one large mirror. You can get creative with several smaller mirrors hung together. And they don’t have to be either square or round. Check your home décor stores for mirrors in other shapes. These add instant pizazz to your walls and highlight your hallway.

One other way to dress up the hallway is by adding photographs along the wall. You could print out your favorite family photographs in black and white and get them framed in square black frames. This group of photos will add a certain art-gallery look to your hallway. You can also do this in color if black and white is too serious for your home. If you have children, you can easily frame up your children’s artwork in colorful frames and hang these up. Your hallway will look great and your children will be proud to see their artwork framed up.

The above are just three simple steps that you can take to immediately dress up your hallway at home. Let your imagination run wild and get creative. You will soon find more ways to dress up your hallways.


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