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42 Unusual Chic Small Storage To Not Miss Today

How to make your rooms work harder

We loved this year’s Ideal Home Show. Each roomset was full to the brim with ideas to help you make the most out of your space.

A do it all living room

With practical storage and a modern scheme, this living room caters for everyone, whether they want to watch TV, play games or simply relax.

Start with the basics

Choose versatile furniture, like these modern gloss-finish pieces with simple lines, and team with neutral upholstery. You can then add colour with a feature wallpaper or bold fabrics.

Keep your space organised

Choose baskets for toys and other bits and bobs. Make the most of your alcove space by putting up shelves for books, games and DVDs.

Build in a home office area

No room for a study? Why not create a workspace in your living room? Use unobtrusive furniture and streamlined storage so that it blends into the rest of the scheme.

Stylist’s top tip

Position your television in an alcove to prevent it becoming the focal point – and most dominant feature – of your room. Plan a chic and clever kitchen. Careful planning and glamorous touches have made this kitchen both functional and fabulous – the ideal place to cook and entertain.

Zone your kitchen

Divide your space efficiently. Dedicate one area for food preparation, one for eating and one for relaxing.

Family proof your room

Keep food and utensils out of the way with wall and base kitchen cabinets, and for a high-traffic area like the kitchen, opt for durable finishes – composite worktops, wood furniture and laminate flooring.

Add an island

This will form the social hub of the space – it’s a great place for chatting with friends or keeping an eye on the kids at homework time.

Stylist’s top tip

Don’t forget the mood lighting in a kitchen-diner. Here a colour-changing splashback and low-hanging pendant light over the dining table are perfect for low-key lighting.

Design a pretty yet practical bedroom

This bedroom scheme looks every inch the hotel suite we all dream of, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that all the essentials are there too.

Make it work for two

Start with matching side tables and designate one for each of you. You can then add extra features like a ‘his’ corner space with comfy chair, and a ‘hers’ dressing space with a vanity table.

Get the right storage

Keep clothes and accessories at bay with a smart wardrobe and chest of drawers. Place a storage ottoman at the end of the bed for extra bedlinen and blankets.

Use de-luxe finishes

High-gloss furniture, a velvet carpet or tufted rugs, as well as linen and silk fabrics, all help to create that smart and decadent hotel feel.

Stylist’s top tip

Keep the look balanced by positioning lamps, cushions and other accessories in pairs symmetrically either side of the bed.

Add spa style to a family bathroom

Can a family bathroom be practical and indulgent? We think so – with food planning and sleek finishes, a spa-style space can be yours.

Plan the basics

Work out what you need from your space. If relaxation is your number one priority, go for a big bath for lazy wallowing. If time is of the essence, go for a sleek shower and double basins for busy mornings.

Mix up storage

Choose closed units to hide ugly bottles and bath toys, and open units to display towels, accessories and your poshest toiletries.

Be practical

If you find cleaning a chore, choose wall-hung units, tiles and a frameless shower enclosure to make it easy on yourself. Add luxurious finishing touches. For a sexy, grown-up scheme go for intense black and copper, with lots of dark wood, candles and fluffy towels for the ultimate in spa-style chic.

Stylist’s top tip

Make this a space for relaxation before you even get into the tub by adding a comfortable armchair – it’ll be useful when you’re presiding over the kids’ bathtime, too.

Create a multi zoned kids bedroom

Kids need a lot from their spaces. This multi-zoned children’s room is the perfect place for sleeping, studying and relaxing.

Buy simple furniture

Off-white wood furniture is perfect for children’s rooms because it’s timeless and verstatile enough to fit in with every decorating whim.

Make it sociable

Add in a stowaway trundle bed so friends can stay over and a daybed with colourful cushions where they can sit and chat or listen to music together.

Create a study space

Encourage them to do their homework with the right furniture, such as a large desk and funky accessories. As for storage, fit in as many cupboards, shelves and handy boxes as possible, then there’s no excuse for a messy room!

Stylist’s top tip

Funky wall stickers and framed posters will discourage taped-up posters, but include a pin board, too, for postcards, photos and memos.

Make the most of a small patio

Even a small deck or patio can make your garden as hard-working as it is attractive.

Build a summerhouse

A garden room is a great way of making the most of your space – it can be used as a playroom for the kids, a home office area, a peaceful hideaway or a storage space.

Create a potting area

Devote a corner for all your home growns, so you can enjoy doing green-fingered tasks while being sociable at the same time.

Add comfy seating

A bistro-style table and chairs is ideal for a small space. Make it comfy with throws and cushions so you can sit back and relax in the sun or shade.

Stylist’s top tip

Add interest to exterior walls by fixing up shelves to hold rows of colourful potted plants or tealights to cast soft light over after-dark dinners.


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