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43 Elegant and Cozy Diningroom Design Ideas

Choose the Right Colour Scheme Did you know that certain colours affect people’s moods and appetites? Studies show that certain colour palettes can either make people feel anxious and subconsciously want to leave a room, or the colours generate a relaxed feeling and make people want to linger in a room. If the dining room will be the place you want friends and family to hang out in for long periods of time, you’ll want to choose the right colour scheme for the walls and furniture.

The colours red and orange are thought to create a sense of excitement and encourage people’s appetites. Earthy tones mixed with some reds or oranges can create a comforting environment and encourage people to linger and eat. You can also use earthy colours on the walls and complement it with reddish coloured chairs, table linens, and dining room decorations.

The colours black and blue supposedly send off signals to not eat as much or watch what you eat. The colour blue is said to be a natural appetite suppressant, so when considering different dining room ideas blue may not be an ideal colour for the walls or décor. Mixing white into your dining room will encourage eating and snacking, which is why many restaurants use white for their linens and walls.

Casual Furniture Dining Room Ideas

One of the best ways to encourage lingering after a meal is to provide comfortable furniture. Hard wooden chairs with no padding don’t encourage people to sit for long periods of time, and you may find your family and friends eager to jump up from the table after a meal. If you choose soft furnishings or padding for wooden chairs, guests can sit back and relax without feeling uncomfortable. The table should be a comfortable height, with the edge not too low where it hits people’s knees. Any larger pieces of furniture should match your colour scheme and feel warm and inviting and not too formal.

There are a number of different casual dining room ideas that will encourage your family and friends to stay and chat long after the meal is over. One of the best ways to tell if your dining room is relaxing is based on how you feel when you sit at the table and look around the room. If you feel relaxed and encouraged to hang out at the table, your family and guests will be, too.


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