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43 Modern Blue Master Bedroom Ideas

We all enjoy our bedroom and it is true to say that we all secretly yearn for a nicer bedroom, one that is more than just a place to sleep so remodeling the master bedroom can be very rewarding. Gradually, the movement to make the bedroom a more special place is gaining momentum as more of us decide that we want more from this room. In France for instance, there has always been a tradition to make the bedroom feel more sensual and although we have always been a little behind in this we are beginning to catch up with this tradition.

The main aspect of change if you remodel your master bedroom in to a more sensual place is the color scheme and you can achieve this by using shades of red, cream and peach. Whilst mirrors placed in unusual places can reflect candlelight and tropical plants can add an air of mystery. More people prefer the master bedroom to be a place where they can relax with a good book whether on the bed or in a comfy chair placed near the bed or a window to provide views.

Obviously the room lighting is important as it shouldn’t be too bright but at the same time not to dim either, so plenty of soft lighting is the best compromise. Traditionally to achieve the best effect in a room for reading in you should look towards the softer shades of ivory, amber and slate blue. If you are trying to achieve a sanctuary effect when remodeling the master bedroom, then soft pillows, luxurious throws, landscape paintings and mirrors will promote private reflection.

Generally a relaxing lounge chair with a floor lamp and table will also work well if you want to use it as a reading room as well. Of course when remodeling your master bedroom this way, pictures of your family (preferably in antique brass frames) should be placed around the room to provide a sanctuary like feeling. Colors that work well in private sanctuaries include navy or cobalt blues, deep chocolates, and forest greens as darker colors create a womb or cave like feeling and aid deep sleep.

Often people who like to read also enjoy writing and a small bureau can be extremely effective as can something to listen to your favorite music on but obviously this depends on the space you have available. Even fridges are becoming more popular now for storing drinks but this really needs to be placed in a position where it will not disturb the effect you are trying to achieve. If you have a busy home then remodeling your bedroom into a place where you can disappear for a while to enjoy some peace and relaxation is not such a bad idea.


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