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44 Beautiful Simple Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas

In this article we’ll discuss some basic concepts of front yard landscaping, and you’ll find them useful if you have lots of experience or are a complete rookie. The key is always to keep it simple, plan and design beforehand and devote time to maintain your yard.

The main idea to keep in mind is to make your design work during all seasons of the year. If you plan ahead so to make it beautiful through the year, it won’t be hard to maintain and your front yard will be interesting as well as varied.

When creating a flowerbed is a good idea to put the highest ones in the back and go down as you move to the front. If you can achieve this, your flowers will catch much more attention, and it will be easier and faster to keep. Combine colors and shapes before planting. You can even combine them so that there are flowers that bloom in different times of the year.

A safe way to make your yard landscaping easy to maintain is to use evergreen plants and trees or shrubs. This will provide a basic layout all year round where to base the rest of your landscaping design. Evergreens are easy to maintain, especially shrubs, and they will make your yard interesting even in winter.

Evergreens are an all time favorite, not only because they are enjoyable during all year, but because they are great to make your front yard private. They are very easy to maintain, and most shrubs can be easily trimmed and shaped.

To keep your yard uniform, plant flowers that bloom at the same time scattered among the yard, in order to avoid nasty empty spaces. You can also add flowers that bloom during all the year. These flowers, called annuals, have the same purpose as evergreens, provide a basic outline for all seasons. Make a nice mix of perennial and annual flowers, looking for balance. Remember that you should avoid having empty areas for a long time.

When designing your yard you must take into account the lines of your house, so to make your yard lines flow smoothly. Don’t overpopulate areas: most of the times, less is more.

A final note: follow your instincts and your personal taste above all. Take note of fashion and trends, but they may become unpopular with time. Your taste and the time you can devote to design and to maintain your front yard are the key to a successful landscaping design.


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