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44 Cozy And Modern Kitchen Table Ideas

In times gone by, kitchen tables were massive, square or rectangular, and made of wood. In a word, there was not much choice. But nowadays, modern kitchen tables can introduce a wide scope of individuality into your kitchen.

Everything from the way they are designed, to the materials that they used and the shape that they are made in, can be twisted and turned around so that you can have a resolutely modern approach in that key room in your house, which is the kitchen.

Kitchen tables can be made out of stainless steel, or have composite or glass-topped services to them. These surfaces can be chosen to blend in with the rest of your kitchen design. For example, if you have chosen stainless steel work surfaces and kitchen sinks, then a stainless steel table may be appropriate. On the other hand, you may want to break up the stainless steel aspect with a kitchen table that has a granite top for example.

Modern kitchen tables no longer have to be square. They can be round or oval. This is particularly well suited when you use your kitchen for informal gatherings. With a round table, you’ll always have space for just one more person to join the group. In addition, with small children who may be playing in the kitchen while you work, or who pass through to get from one area to another, round tables have no sharp edges for them to hurt themselves.

If you are limited on space in your kitchen, then there is more than just one option open to you concerning modern kitchen tables. The first personality is to have a kitchen table that folds away. This can be a small surface that slides out of kitchen cabinets where two or three people can sit for breakfast, a snack or just to get a coffee. It can also be a table joined to a wall with a long hinge that you can fold away against the wall when you do not need it, then bring back out again and unfold its legs to make it into a horizontal support when you do.

Who says you still need a classical kitchen table? The modern kitchen table has also evolved into the kitchen island. This item of kitchen furniture includes much of the functionality of a kitchen table with an upper work surface for food preparation, writing and enjoying eating with others.

Typically placed in a central location in the kitchen, it may also be provided with integral power points, and possibly even a sink with water and drainage outlets. As a “modern kitchen table”, the kitchen island may for this reason also be fixed solidly to the kitchen floor.

Whatever your requirements in terms of modern kitchen tables, remember to apply the basic rules of choice that concern what you need to do with it and how it needs to look. With these fundamental criteria in mind, you are sure to find the solution is right for you.


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