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44 Luxury and Elegant Backyard Pool

When planning a backyard pool today, you have many options to take into account. The pool of yore – a simple basin containing water – has now become a swimming oasis. California is leading the nation with innovative pool technology by adding such mind-boggling features as an infinity edge, waterfalls, natural rock features, and gradual beach entries. The latest features that are being used in pool design and construction today, are detailed in this article.

Infinity Edge Pools- Pool designers in California have laid claim to being the inventors of one of the most popular and pleasing to the eye features in a pool and that is the “infinity edge”. The infinity edge pool is possibly because of a “negative edge” located on one side of the pool.

This special edge sits level with the water height in the pool. A catch basin, below the edge, contains the water as it spills over and pumps it back into the pool. It makes for an amazing effect, since your pool will appear to be “floating” above the landscaping and view of your yard.

Water Falls, Fountains, and other Great Water Features- Attention to detail and quality is critical in the design of your pool. Beauty and interest should be considered, along with the pool’s functionality. This can be accomplished by simply adding a waterfall or a fountain in your pool’s design.

You can find water features in a large variety of styles. A raised spa, pouring over a type of spillway into the pool below, is a very common feature. You may want to think about a bubbling fountain rising above a step or shallow pool, water spouts dancing along the pool’s surface, or a dramatic waterfall constructed of rock surrounded by beautiful landscaping. You can transform your swimming pool into a posh backyard playground using any of these special water features.

Rock features- A swimming pool can become dramatic when you incorporate real or artificial rock backgrounds and effects. Rock Features: Natural and/or manufactured rock can really set off the design of your swimming pool dramatically. There are so many ways to use rock in your swimming pool design; you are only limited by your imagination.

Beach Entries and Baja Steps- Generally, all swimming pool entries were the same: the “shallow end” of the pool had three to four small steps leading down to it. “Beach entries” are more popular today, as it is a more “natural” design. A beach entry is just like a beach that gently slopes into the ocean. It becomes deeper the further you enter the pool.

A “Baja step” is another trendy addition to backyard pools. It is a broad and rounded step with a general depth of mere inches, allowing anyone to enjoy the water without full immersion.


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