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44 Popular Diy Bathroom To Copy Right Now

When it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects, it’s all about the skills. These would include the ones you have and the ones you don’t. The key to any project that you plan to do yourself is knowing your limitations.

Many remodeling ideas are perfect for the beginner, while others may be too difficult even for those who have been doing it themselves for years. We’ll look at DIY bathroom remodeling, what parts you may be able to do yourself and which ones you may need to call in the professionals to tackle. So, let’s get started!

Let’s start by looking at the bathroom and beginning with the easiest projects for do-it-yourselfers. Changing the bathroom fixtures, for example, the faucet is among the simplest of all renovations. When replacing the bathroom faucet, begin by turning off the water to the bathroom. If this is not possible or you are not sure how to do it, just turn off the water to the entire house to be safe.

After disconnecting the water lines underneath the sink, simply unscrew the faucet where it comes through the top of the vanity. The key to finding a new faucet is to simply match up the holes. If your current faucet has three holes that go into the vanity, you will need to find one that matches, and the same applies to one hole, two holes, etc.

Replacing the toilet is also a fairly simple process. Once again, make sure the water is turned off and then remove the screws that are on each side of the toilet base. It may take some tugging, depending on how many years that old toilet has been in place, but it will pull right up from the floor.

Unlike the faucet, you do not have to worry about finding the correct size, as almost all toilets are one size fits all. Your only decision will be whether or not you will choose a standard toilet or a low flow variety that will conserve water.

The most difficult of all DIY bathroom remodeling techniques is replacing the bathtub in most cases. Unless you have a bathtub that simply sits on the floor on its own, like you would find in some of the older homes, this can be a challenge.

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