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44 Traditional Rustic Garden Patio Flooring Ideas

Plants and flowers have an astounding effect in converting your patio into a more attractive and appealing retreat for a relaxed evening. A beautifully designed and comfortable patio reflects the tastes and aesthetic sense of a homeowner.

Patio gardens do not require much space, and can thrive without ample maintenance needs. Patios with some natural light can easily sustain decorative flower plants as well as edible items as vegetables. There are several ways to design your patio with a thriving garden paradise.

Advance planning

A proper measurement of the perimeter of your patio, amount of sunlight available for the plants, moving space required, and maintenance needs play a vital role in designing a garden patio.

· Decide on the purpose of the patio garden, do you plan a decorative showpiece with ornamental plants or as a kitchen garden with herbs, fruits and vegetables.
· Measure the exact space available at the patio.
· Visit the patio at different times of the day to find the amount of sunlight available to it.
· Decide on the graph and placement of plants, considering the moving space requirement.

Choice of plants

You can make a subtle difference between your lawn and patio, by creating a border of plants with containers or adding raised planters around the edge of the patio. Choose plants that either spill over the patio or grow in a graduated manner along its borders. When purchasing plants, check for sunlight requirement, soil preferences and hardiness specifications.

Design of the patio garden

The landscaping of a patio mainly depends on the floor type, space available and design of the patio. A vertical garden can be an excellent idea for a totally cramped space. You can create beautiful borders or fences using the concept of vertical gardening.

The first step to patio designing starts by creating a focal point for the garden. Wooden wagons can act as a centerpiece of your patio garden. They provide a tinge of depth and height to your patio, apart from adding a striking backdrop for your plants or for elevating plants of your preference. Wagons look best when decorated with bedding plants, tiny potted plants, large bushy plants and hanging greens. You can avail this core to create unique gardening conditions like preparing the soil for acid-loving shrubs and so on.

If the patio has some steps nearby, plan a terraced garden. This will help you choose plants of varying height and colors.

Use garden boxes to design a patio with railings. Garden boxes aid the growth of plants in an attractive form without much maintenance requirements.

Choice of containers

Container gardens are the perfect place to exhibit the designer in you. Not limited to stationary plants, you can mix and match plants, colors, flowers as well as textures and move them around till you get the perfect look. Containers placed on pedestals can also set the framework for vertical gardening.

There is a plethora of container choices available in the market, and you can choose the perfect color and design to aid your landscape. Select containers with large drainage holes to allow water to seep out and prevent rotting of the roots. The size of the containers also plays an important role in the design of the patio. While larger containers require less water than smaller ones, they can restrict the moving space.

Varying the type of containers used in a patio produces a countless range of possibilities for a patio.

· Choose containers of different bright colors to add a dash of liveliness in the garden space.
· Rustic pots planted with ornamental plants or grass can create a personal design for your home.
· A topiary in a Versailles tub can also add to the beauty of the place.
· Metal containers are a popular choice for plants as they are versatile. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and range from contemporary styles to rustic cottage designs. However, choose galvanized containers to prevent rusting.
· Water-filled containers are the best place for aquatic plants like an arrow-head, ferns, brass lilies and water hyacinths. However, remember to take proper care of the water plants as they tend to entice insects to the patio.

You can also get more creative by using cracked pots, bathtubs, rusted wheel barrows, kitchen sinks and wooden planters. You can stagger the pots to add depth to your patio. You can vary the size, shape and color of plants to enhance the beauty of the place.


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