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45 Luxurious European Decorative Pillow To Inspire And Copy

Many people are unaware of this fact, but you can use your favorite photographs to make decorative pillows that are sure to get compliments! Tapestry items can be made to reflect virtually any image, which makes them versatile and unique.

If your decor includes throw pillows, why not have something that is original and embellished with photos you love? Whether your pictures are of your pet or a beautiful scenic view while you were vacationing, you can have these gorgeous images made into throws, pillows, wall hangings and totes. You can also use themes to match your decor, such as Western, Asian, European and a huge variety of other choices that will add a touch of uniqueness to your look.

A great idea that many people love is to use favorite photographs of their children. Just think – remember that picture when your little one was asleep, cuddling with the beloved family pet? Wouldn’t that adorable picture make a wonderful image for your decorative pillows? Or, perhaps you have a photo of your child doing something when they thought you were not around, and you captured that “deer in the headlights” look on their face. What a wonderful image! It can be made into something useful and decorative that is sure to become a family keepsake.

Everyone has pictures. Some sit in frames on the coffee table while others may be stuck in a shoebox and put away. Go through those old memories and dig out your favorites. A fun and memorable vacation, a design that you love, a favorite photo of your child. Have your photographs transformed into beautiful decorative pillows! There is no better way to preserve your cherished memories.


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