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46 Afordable Traditional Lighting Ideas

When you move home or redecorate your current home, you make many decisions about style, theme and colour. Some of these decisions are so small that they are done without even thinking about them, yet these may be the decisions which make the most difference. Choosing whether to decorate in a traditional or a contemporary style, for instance, is the single decision which most changes the final look.

You can choose contemporary or traditional lighting, furniture and décor to create the theme and style you wish. Whether you opt for traditional or contemporary depends entirely upon personal taste, as well as the home in which you live. It is easier to create a traditional look in an older home than in a modern apartment block, for example. Trying to create a traditional style in a brand new home can be difficult and may end up looking cheap.

You can create the traditional look through your use of wall coverings: try elaborate antique wallpapers. Furniture can also contribute. Antique stores offer a range of furniture with side tables and dressers a particular favourite amongst antique collectors. Furniture can be expensive and impractical to change, though, so traditional lighting might be something that is easier and less expensive to incorporate into the room (although that is not to say that all traditional lighting is cheap).

Ideas to ensure the theme runs continuously through the room include using a central chandelier or a simpler ceiling light in conjunction with matching wall lights. If budget is an issue you could buy your traditional lighting from a specialist lighting store where the lights are not genuine antiques but rather reproduction pieces made in an old fashioned style. In these instances the lights are often indistinguishable from their antique counterparts but are cheaper and can easily be sourced in matching sets, something which is not always so easy with genuine antiques.

Similarly, contemporary lighting can being a modern feel to a home by creating bright, purposeful task lighting or soft, relaxing lighting in a minimalist modern style. When this sort of light features are combined with simple, modern furniture, light airy spaces and simple flooring, a contemporary look is easy to create.

It is best to visit a few specialist stores before making a buying decision on lights and fixtures. Whilst lighting should never be a last minute consideration but similarly it is not advisable to buy the lighting first and try to furnish around it.


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