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47 Gorgeous Rustic Table Lamps Design Ideas

For almost any residence which has a rustic lodge theme, regardless of whether you already have the theme in your home or you are planning of renovating your house, a rustic table lamp is one thing you should not do without having.

If you want to make your rustic home special to yourself, you will definitely want to buy some rustic accessories to match the rest of the home. However, with so many choices available in the market, you might be overwhelmed. The list of tips and suggestions found below will make the job of choosing rustic desk lamps for your home easier for you.

1. Is it a piece that is matching with the rest of your house?
In order not to get overwhelmed when you visit the lighting store, you can first have in mind what kind of desk lamps you want to buy. You can either do a search online for the suitable lamps or ask for a catalogue from the store owner.

Search for the various pictures of desk lamps that give a rustic effect. Look at the various designs to find one that matches your home décor. If you can find something that gives the effect of a country style, that is the table lamp that you want to buy.

2. Is it too expensive?
Depending on the make of the lamp, the cost of a rustic desk lamp can range between tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars. Some of them are carved from wood pieces while others can be finely crafted with wires and the price is of course very different, so it depends on your preference, home décor and budget.

3. Does it provide the lighting that you need?
Besides adding on to the internal decoration of your home, the main task of a lamp is still to provide sufficient lighting in the room. Since your house has a rustic theme, the lighting should not be as bright as what you would have in a classic theme home or a contemporary one.

You would want to get something that provides a very cozy end effect. For that matter, table lamps that give you around 100 watt lighting will be enough. Alternatively, you can also buy yellow light instead of white light.


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