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48 Impressive Patterned Bean Bag Chairs Ideas

When I mention the words bean bag chair, I get a funny look and the question, “Are they back in style?” My response is “Absolutely, but not the way you remember”. Bean bag chairs have come a long way since they were popular in the 1970’s or from their origin for that matter.

Originating in the 1960’s by an Italian designer, bean bag chairs were soon mass produced. Although much of the basic design is the same, bean bag chairs have been improved considerably making them great competition for conventional furniture.


Bean bag chairs have gone through some major design changes over the years. The standard bean shape still exists but there are many more shapes to choose from depending on your decorating needs. Bean bag chairs come in round shapes which make great pillows but offer somewhat less back support than the bean shaped ones. The pancake chairs are great because they make a terrific body pillow, allow room for two and due to their firmness, double as an ottoman or coffee table. You can also find loveseats and sofas in the bean bag style.

The newest designs have a more rigid structure and make the bean bag chair more of a proper chair. They come filled with polystyrene beads, foam or a combination. These designs are very ergonomic providing support ensuring you sit in a natural position. The most advanced style of bean bag chairs is the video lounger which provides a specialized chair just for gamers.


In the past, some bean bag chairs have been a safety hazard due to poor zippers and seam construction. Today’s quality bean bag chairs are made with double sewn seams, double, locking zippers and comply with US Flammability Standards and CPSC guidelines for zipper closures. With these higher standards, bean bag chairs are safe for all ages and stand up to rigorous use.


The modern bean bag chair is a distant relation to its older cousin. No longer are you limited in your choice of fabric, pattern, color, or size. Bean bag chairs come in sofas, loveseats, super large and super small. There are even ottomans in both cube and rectangle shapes that work great for extra seating, as end tables or benches.

The fabrics used in today’s bean bag chairs are high quality and range from leather, suede, cotton, denim, sunbrella, fun fur, fleece, corduroy, velour and vinyl, to name but a few. There are as many different prints available as you can possibly imagine which means they will fit in with any décor.

I think the greatest thing about the modern bean bag chair is how versatile they are. Since they come in so many fabrics and patterns, they can be added to any room and look stylish. You are left with a piece of furniture that can be moved easily, can be recovered when you remodel, can be refilled and provides exceptional comfort and support. What more can you ask of a piece of furniture?
Best of All

Bean bag chairs are inexpensive. You can purchase a couple of bean bag chairs instead of arm chairs, save yourself hundreds of dollars and still have a stylish and trendy space. You get the support of regular furniture, you get the comfort of regular furniture, and you get the quality of regular furniture, what more is there? Trendy or Passé? You be the judge.


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