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48 Modern Backyard Fish Pond Garden Landscaping Ideas

Here are some great ideas for renovating your backyard. We’ll cover general landscaping, furniture, ideas for your garden or yard, and some quick words on outdoor storage.


So much to do with your backyard landscaping projects. There’s flowers, terrain, trees and bushes, and pools to consider. Have you thought or heard of landscaping software for your computer? A modern day software program is not very expensive, and the layouts and design ideas are insane! The designs combos are endless, even down to the fine details of selecting from 1000’s of flower varieties.

They are so detailed and provide so much content, you should have more fun on your computer creating landscaping ideas then the actual landscaping.


If you have plans for a big garden, consider decorating your garden with shading such as umbrellas and sail shades. Grab a few chairs and a table at your local backyard store and it’s tea time in this beautiful setting. When winter comes you can quickly whisk away your furniture into a shed or garage.

If you have ample trees, a hammock setup can be look very appealing and add that relaxing look to your garden or yard. Using trees for your hammock looks more natural that the hammocks that rely on steel stands to support the hammock. So keep your garden area as natural looking as possible by using wood furniture and avoiding too many man made elements.


Storage is a must for any backyard to store your maintenance items. Consider a storage deck, which is just a rectangular box that closes (and can usually be locked). It can be tucked away in a far corner or can be placed near another structure, such as the house or shed.

Furnishings looks great not just in a garden and the patio, but a pond or pool setting shows that your backyard is relaxing and peaceful. Consider getting water resistant wicker or hardwood for your chairs and tables. Shaped Shade Sails add a great touch ANYWHERE in your backyard.

Swimming pool decor, such as waterfall rocks can be a cost effective for your pool or pond. Speaking of ponds, a small fish pond is always entertaining for guests and children. You will however have to be dedicated to spending time treating for alga and feeding the little beasts.

A backyard store can be the ideal customized place to buy some of these items for your backyard renovations. Locally or online, they specialize in furniture and decor for your backyard, patio or garden.


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