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48 Unique Chair Design You Can Copy

The designer of the Bertoia chair, Harry Bertoia, knew he was on to something by experimenting with the shape and materials used to construct the average chair. He wanted to re-invent the way modern day seating was perceived by homeowners and interior designers.

While many homeowners simple want to choose the best style of chair with the most comfort and stability for their interior needs, Bertoia wanted to exceed these expectations. The Bertoia wire chair, Bertoia side chair and Bertoia diamond chair are able to exceed the expectations of interior design experts because they breathe a new life into the addition of seating in a room.

The unique and creative design and construction that uses fresh shapes and materials allows a designer or homeowner to be creative with seating arrangements while still sticking with an overall design theme.

A Bertoia style chair has become a desire for many homeowners and interior designers that are trying to complete the design of a living room or bedroom. Since Bertoia was interested in allowing comfortable seating with a free form, he worked with the crossing of wire rods in order to create a chair.

The chair not only achieves the open and free form that Bertoia was striving for but it is also shaped with a comfortable bucket seat and in a sturdily constructed fashion. This allows for comfort and stability and a seat cushion can also be added to the chair for extra comfort.

Bertoia got the idea for the Bertoia diamond chair when he was inspired by the shape of a diamond. The idea was original and he knew he could create this unique shape while still using comfortable materials and allowing for complete functionality. The Bertoia style chair became popular right after its construction by Bertoia because many designers and homeowners had never seen anything so artistic and unique.

The Bertoia wire chair and Bertoia side chair can easily be added to any living room or bedroom and the addition can change the room into a modern and eclectically styled room. The artistic and functional nature of Bertoia’s designs is what has made them extremely popular with today’s designers and consumers.

His unique chairs can add a small flair of art and culture to any room and are not large and bulky like many new chair designs. The free form of a Bertoia chair also allows seating solutions for even the smallest room.


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