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48 Wonderful Breathtaking Bathrooms With Infinity Bathtubs That No One Can Resist Of

It’s the last major room in our house that needs an update. The main upstairs bathroom, the primary for the entire house. It’s not really a master bath since it’s down the hall from the main bedroom, but it does have the only bathtub and is definitely the biggest bathroom we have.

When we bought the house it was reasonably well decorated except for the striped wallpaper that played with your eyes. I think I made it worse when I added mirrored closet doors to a wall opposite a mirror already in place so now the stripes are truly everywhere and seem to disappear into infinity through the mirrors.

Regardless, it may be time to redo that room completely. We won’t sell the house for another 10-15 years, but as it is perhaps it isn’t meeting our needs anymore. I’d love to have a large whirlpool tub with a separate shower, something opulent like you’d see in a posh hotel.

I’d want to keep my three way medicine cabinet and vanity mirror, and I’d want to enlarge the sink area so I have more room for my beauty supplies. As the children get older they’ll be taking over more space than now and I don’t think this bathroom accounts for that.

I could just replace the medicine cabinet and gain mirror space as well as storage space for hair products. It seems that I never have enough room for those. It would be nice to have room to put real medicine in there so we don’t have it scattered all over the house in places impossible to uncover when you really need it.

I could just upgrade the bathroom vanity and the medicine cabinet together, but then I think to myself, “why stop there? If you’re going to do that then replace the floor, the falling ceiling, the older tub and shower and put that toilet somewhere other than the middle of the room.” As you can see I have big dreams and lots of options, but I just don’t know how to start small without turning it into a major project.


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