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43 Inspiring Minimalist Walk Closets Design Ideas

We can safely say that the more space we have, the more we seem to mess it up by cluttering it with junk. How we manage to jumble up our closets is quite a mystery. Walk-in closets seem to suffer the most from disorganized storage since walk-in closets offer a lot of space that can be hidden from sight.

Time then to take a closer look at walk-in closets and all the storage options that it offers.

One thing that we already know is that walk-in closets are huge. They are at least huge enough for you to comfortably walk into. Hence the term ‘walk-in’. The amount of space available within a walk-in closet allows you freedom of creativity in organizing your storage space.

Walk-in closets do not have to look like ordinary closets – closet bars to hang clothes and top shelves to store items. You can add islands and benches in a walk-in closet. This will create a feeling of being in a dressing room. You add mirrors and lighting so that you can see yourself from all conceivable angles.

For those of you who own multiple pairs of shoes, you can add to your walk-in closet some storage space for the shoes. This could be in a corner of the walk-in closet where you add shoe racks all the way to the top and a line of mirrors near the floor like those in a shoe store. Some lights placed in the right spots will give you a nice shoe-fitting corner in your walk-in closet.

You can also make more available in your room by shifting the vanity table into the walk-in closet. To top it off, your walk-in closet can open up into your bathroom. You can then end up with a ‘mini suite’ for dressing yourself up before exiting into your bedroom.

Creating and organizing a walk-in closet is easier nowadays with many stores carrying pre-built closet organizers. These organizer units are usually easily assembled and carry a theme collection to give you the look that you are after.

With walk-in closets, the limit to building it lies within your imagination.


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