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49 Inspiring Stand Bird House Ideas Garden Ideas

From hand-crafted pieces that are as much works of art as they are functional bird houses, to very simple, unique designs for the budget conscious, decorative bird houses come in many varieties.

Before choosing the right design though, you’ll have to identify the areas of your yard or garden that could use a centerpiece, or try to identify colors that you’d like to see. Do you want the house to stand out, or blend in? There are thousands types of houses to purchase, and you will probably want purchase a long lasting birdhouse.

You may want to make your choice more on what kind of birds you’d like to attract instead of aesthetics. Most are hand-crafted, pre-assembled, and ready to go from the moment they arrive at your doorstep!

John Deere houses make fantastic, long-lasting gifts for the JD lover in your family. They’re simple, sturdy little houses that are perfect for the local wrens. If you’re into more traditional houses with a little less flair, check out wooden houses featuring a delicate artist’s touch. Most are easy to clean, and the larger ones feature multiple nesting cavities and vents.

Top Selling Decorative Bird Houses

Try to place in an open area, with a few trees and bushes nearby to provide safety, and away from high traffic areas such as bird feeders. Avoiding high traffic areas will reduce the chances of the house breaking. After all, you’ll want your new purchase to be long lasting!

Posts and mounting poles are preferred locations over trees, as they will be safer there from pesky raccoons, cats, and other climbing predators. A little cover from the elements is always a good thing, both for the birds and your house, so try to face it away from prevailing winds and direct sunlight. Or, just put the birdhouse wherever it looks good and cross your fingers that the birds will come!

Make sure to clean the decorative bird house after each brood leaves to prevent the spread of insects, disease, and other nastiness. There are many types and styles available. Deciding on which cosmetic style fits your eye best will go along way on determining the house you purchase for your backyard.


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