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46 Awesome Tvan Camper Hybrid Trailer Gallery Ideas

The travel trailer originally was inspired by the Gypsies in ancient Europe used for as their homes in horse drawn trailers. The gypsy caravan symbolizes the icon for the group and primarily served as their transportation on the road. It has been said that the caravan has been built for protection and durability against any weather conditions.

Now in North America and Canada, travel trailers are often enjoyed by travellers and sometimes described as a “tin can tourists”. Then in the later years, travel trailers become more and more useful with different classifications such as motor homes, pop up trailers, and truck campers. Furthermore, many people invented nowadays different unique types of travel trailers.

Teardrop trailer

This one of a kind shape trailer is often used for camping. It became very popular in the year 1930’s and it was only made with plywood. It was then disappeared for how many years but brought back in the year 1990.

Since it is only small and the size ranges from 4-6 feet in width and 8-10 feet in length, the trailer has its own kitchen and bedroom. It is also easy for towing even using your car because it’s small and light in weight. The modern version of a teardrop trailer is made with aluminum, which can give a contemporary look.


Its size is bigger than the ordinary trailers. It is made with aluminium and some with fibre glass. This type of trailer was the only sole for survivor during the World War 2. Airstream trailer was invented in Jackson Center, Ohio by the design of Hawley Bowlus.

It was built to last. There were two modifications of the airstream trailer which were Class A and Class B. For Class A motor home, it was done with painted aluminium and then later the unpainted model arises for a much like the classic trailer and the rest is history.


Hybrid trailers are ecological friendly. Each material consists of parts, which are good for the environment. Function includes such as a fold down tents, and for larger models, it offers a large space for convenience.

The advantage of this kind of trailer is that it offers a greater weight space ratio. Laws have been made in the America that riding a trailer while in motion is illegal. However, in Texas, triple towing is allowed if it does not exceed 20 miles.


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