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45 Inspiring Copper Rose Gold Kitchen Themes Decorations

As a metal, copper has been used in manufacturing various industrial products. Apart from industrial products, copper is very popular among the artists since it has a certain decorative value as well.

Kitchen designers are also not left behind while making use of this metal. Therefore an antique copper kitchen faucet is very popular among people looking for remodeling their kitchens.

The natural beauty of copper makes this type of faucet the center of attraction in your kitchen. That is the reason; most faucet companies have models having antique copper finish.

When it comes to copper, you have a choice of various shapes, sizes and finish available. In earlier days, a kitchen faucet was nothing but a necessity in your kitchen but things have changed now. Women see a faucet as a decorative item as much as a necessity.

The antique copper kitchen faucet is available in two categories which are compression type and mixing type. A compression type faucet is a traditional faucet which has 2 knobs for hot and cold water.

It also has a spigot from where water domes out. It works on a traditional 3 hole design. The pressure and temperature are controlled by the washer inside the faucet. The mixing type faucet is a more contemporary design having only one spigot and one lever.

This lever is used to control pressure and temperature of the water. This type of design is liked by many women since it can be easily operated using a single hand.

Like other copper pieces an antique copper kitchen faucet can have a problem known as patina. Patina is to copper what rust is for iron. It comes due to oxidation due to excessive exposure to air and moisture.

Usually copper faucets have a coating of lacquer which prevents the coating of patina to come up on copper faucets.

Antique copper kitchen faucets are a great way to give attitude to your kitchen. These types of faucets are available from various manufactures and you can even buy them from your home through internet.

It is always recommended that you buy from a reputed company since these faucets are pretty costly and you should buy a faucet which is durable and has a long life.


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