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40 Pretty Flower Arrangement Design Decor Ideas

Most people seem to think that flower arrangements should only be used for special occasions, such as an anniversary party, a wedding reception, or something of that nature.

But flower arrangements can brighten up anyone’s day at any time, and there’s no reason why they can’t be used as year-round accent decorations in your home.

There are two kinds of flower arrangements. First are the fresh flower varieties, which are the ones usually used on those special occasions.

But flower arrangements using artificial flowers, leaves and berries will never wither and die, and can give pleasure all year round – especially if you love flowers but don’t have the budget to continually purchase fresh ones and don’t have the green fingers necessary to grow your own.

Artificial flowers look so realistic these days that anyone looking at a sumptuous arrangement would be prepared to swear that they were real.

And because they’re artificial, it’s easy to arrange them in any way you like, and rearrange and rearrange until you have a design you like.

“But they’re artificial!” you say in disgust.

But consider. Silk flowers are hypoallergenic. They have no pollen – which causes allergies in some people – they are disease free and nontoxic.

If there are any allergy sufferers in your family, they will thank you every day for giving them the colorfulness and beauty of flowers, without the attendant problems.

Home decor and hobby stores in your area will doubtless have a selection of artificial flowers and vases, however you can also look online to see the vast array of products you can use to create your masterpieces.

The first thing you’ll need to do is select an appropriate vase. Vases can be made of various materials such as porcelain, ceramic or glass, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To show off your flower arrangements you’ll want a solid-color vase – not one with a fancy design on it.

Afloral.com is a site that offers hundreds of silk flowers, berries, garlands, wreaths and swags, fruits, vegetables and greenery, not to mention, gems, stones and crystals.

They also offer the adhesives, glues and tapes you’ll need to fix your design once you’ve got it arranged to your satisfaction. Funnily enough, they don’t offer vases…

QualitySilkPlants.com is a site that offers silk trees and topiaries, silk orchids and artificial cactus – all quite realistic looking.

Silkflowerdesign.com offers flowers suitable for “country” designs, as well as “traditional,” “modern,” “oriental,” and “exotic.”

Let your creative juices flow. Check out the world of artificial flowers today!


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