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35 Admiring Pvc Pipe Organizing Storage Ideas

Oh, no! It’s that time of year again! Spring! You bite your nails and look around the neighborhood. Everyone else is cleaning.

But your garage is such a nightmare. Where in the world should you start?

Here I come, to the rescue! Garage clutter is a huge problem for many people – don’t worry. I used to have an awful garage, in fact.

You don’t want to see the pictures. Well, maybe you do. But I don’t want you to see the pictures. What’s the answer to garage clutter? Garage storage, of course!

If you’re like me (a total hoarder) then getting rid of all that clutter can be heartbreaking. Well, this doesn’t have to completely be a problem. I’ll take you step by step through some of the best storage methods out there.

Hooks & Nails

Hooks and nails are perfect for hanging up everything. Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, saws, even small ladders. Install a small pegboard for smaller objects and use large, heavy duty hooks if you really want to use up that wall space.

I’m a strong believer in 2-dimensional storage. Not only will your garage look nicer if everything is on the wall, you’ll also have much more space and much less clutter (which, of course, is contributing to the over-all niceness).

Movable Organizers

Do you have a husband (or wife!) who just loves his or her tools? I have a dad who enjoys tools, but somehow never gets around to using them. Well, of course my mom couldn’t get rid of his tools.

But they were making a huge mess in the shed. The solution? A handy, dandy tool sorter full of drawers that organized all my Dad’s tools. We still use it, even after we moved into another house.

This organizer is mobile and can easily be pushed around our garage. It’s also very affordable. Christmas is coming up – consider buying a tool-lover one of these.

They work very well for sorting and managing tools. Don’t be afraid to be creative with these, either. Organizers can be used for other things beside tools!

PVC Pipe

That’s right. The third subheading is ‘PVC Pipe.’ No, I’m not trying to address the problem of too much PVC pipe in your garage (although, if that is a problem for you… wow). Actually, I think you should go buy some.

Or maybe use some leftover scraps. Then what? Cut those small sections of PVC pipe at an angle, and then screw them into your wall. You can then slide shovels, rakes, hoes, baseball bats – basically anything tube shaped – into those pipes for easy storage.

Yep, another way to use that precious wall space! If you want, you can even block the end of one PVC pipe portion and then place it strategically on your wall.

Then put the open ended pipe a few feet above it. You can then store all those baseball bats high on your wall – they won’t even touch the ground.


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