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39 Stylish Branches Dried Tree Décor Ideas Can Inpsire

Adding Eucalyptus branches gathered from the yard can add a wonderful dimension to your Christmas tree when you embellish the branches with aerosol spray snow for a wintry white feel without ever spraying or changing the color of your tree itself.

This project would be great for an artificial tree to add a sense of natural freshness to it. Your guests are sure to pull up a chair to marvel at the winter wonderland and your frosted tree branches.

Begin by wiring eucalyptus branches in bundles of three. Next, spray the branches with aerosol snow covering most of it, including any seeds still left on the stems, yet allowing some of the natural color of the leaves to show through.

Allow the frosted branches to dry for about 30 minutes, and then repeat the same spraying process on the other side.

Once the branches are fairly dry to the touch (they will still feel a little moist), secure them to your tree with floral wire, making sure that the wider end of your frosted branch cluster is pointing outward away from the tree, therefore creating dimension.

To give your project a natural look, do not forget to secure the stems of your frosted branches to the inner portion of the tree as if they were actually attached to the trunk of the tree (for photos see below)

Note: Place a tree skirt or sheet around the base of the tree prior to securing frosted branches to tree.


* Eucalyptus branches (other tree branches can be used, but it seems slender leaves look best)

* Aerosol Snow Spray

* Floral wire

* Wire cutters


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