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43 Attractive Taupe Home Decor Ideas

Let us review Taupe and how it can be incorporated into your color scheme, without being boring. When planning the color scheme for a room decor project, many people look for a neutral base color.

This does not have to be plain white. In fact, sand tones, creams and grays, can all make for an interesting background as you play with your color scheme. Taupe falls into this category of base neutrals as well.

The color Taupe is neutral without being too cold or too warm. This midpoint between grey and brown is harmonious and allows a meditative frame of mind.

The many tonal variations of taupe allow it to complement a wide variety of decor choices including silver colored metals, and it looks especially good with natural fibers and materials.

In a Taupe colored room, you need layers of texture for contrast. An embroidered bedspread is set off by satiny pillows.

Rough flag stone and sheer drapes allow two taupe colored design elements to contrast, while complimenting each other.

Decor choices that blend harmoniously with Taupe include: Paint that is pure white; wood that is stained dark;

natural linens with purple undertones; glass that is clear, used in vases, lamp bases, and knobs; stones that contain blue or grey;

mother of pearl; metals with a silver hue; brown and grey decor items, especially when combined; and accents of red, green, or purple for a splash of drama.

Decor choices that do not go well with taupe include anything that contains yellow, such as: paint or porcelain that is buttery or creamy colored;

woods that are golden colored, like oak and unfinished pine; linens that are yellow hued; leathers that are tan or buckskin colored;

stones or carpets that contain beige; accessories that have yellow undertones, like brass and copper, or anything sand toned.

Using Taupe cleverly, you can achieve a soothing and peaceful room, while avoiding visual boredom. Focus on textures and layers, and use lighting effectively to highlight this beautiful neutral tone.

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