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50 Pretty Outdoor Curtain Ideas Make Garden Colorful

Outdoor curtains immediately boost the appeal of your home and should be on top of your outdoor decorating list.

Porch curtains add shade to your porch as well as privacy and decorative flare to the entire outdoor setting. More and more homeowners choose this option to beautify their home.

Materials to Use

Porch curtains and shades vary in terms of the materials used for their construction. They range from rip nylon like that used for outdoor flags or banners to muslin materials or sheer fabrics which have quick-dry features.

If you want more shade and privacy opt for the heavier materials whereas if you want an airy look, sheer fabrics are the perfect choice.

Outdoor Curtains that Block Light

Porch blinds or curtains which basically block the light from the sun and protect you from a high percentage of the UV rays of the sun make great home outdoor accessories.

This not only ensures you that you get aesthetic appeal and value but also serve a great function to protect your health. All-weather knit fabrics are constructed to serve this purpose.

These are effective for blocking the sun’s rays and avoiding too much heat for better temperature. Moreover, it could protect your porch furniture from getting worn and damaged due to too much sun exposure.

Remarkable Ventilation

Ventilation is an important consideration. Outdoor curtains not only block the heat and direct sunlight but also offer excellent ventilation.

Premium fabric materials withstand the light, wind and rain while allowing softer light penetration and ventilation across the porch.

Privacy and Visuals

High end outdoor shades and curtains are great features to help you ensure privacy and isolation from the outside.

There are various types of curtains that have decorative flares while making sure that your room is hidden from prying eyes. They allow you to see out but not in!

Customizable Sizes

Porch curtains and shades come in all sizes and can be customized to fit any porch. Like most things, standard sizes tend to be less expensive than custom-made shades or curtains.

When ordering, follow the manufacturer’s measuring instructions to ensure you receive exactly what you need. They are easy to install and most come with tie-downs for windy days.

You can also find shades that automatically close or open depending on wind speed! Still others can be opened or closed with a remote. How neat is that!

Outdoor curtains and shades can complete the overall look and aesthetic appeal of your home. Who does not like the look of porch curtains swaying in the breeze on a hot summer day!

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