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48 Cool Dreamy Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

Red, green, gold or maybe silver?

As an Interior Decorator, I love spreading Christmas colour through out my home!

It makes me so happy!

Some share in my joy while others find decorating stressful and challenging.

If Christmas stresses you out, use calmer, more soothing colours and tones for your Holiday decor. They will sooth you, instead of irritate you.

For example, different shades of white for a monochromatic theme is much easier on the eyes and will create a dreamy, calm feeling. Accents of crystal pieces along with gold and/or silver will add sparkle and interest to the space. A little will go a long way here.

Candles are also good ways of adding sparkle along with dim lights strategically placed. Some good places for these accent lights are behind furniture and pointing upwards.

This works really well in corners of a room shining up toward the ceiling or onto accent pieces that you love. The object here is not to see the fixture, only the light that it emits. For example a small light shining upwards onto a large plant in the room can be beautiful.

A monochromatic theme will work in every section of the BaGua to balance and enhance chi. Knowing what colours to use to enhance, control and weaken energy in a space are key. Shades of white, silver & gold are perfect colours for the West, Northwest and North sectors.

In the Northeast and Southwest sectors add more shades of tan and beige or add rocks to the decor to support the Earth element. In the South sector, if this is living space add a beautiful red throw blanket, if its a kitchen, add a center piece that includes red to support Recognition and Fame.

In the Southeast and East sectors add plants, garland to support those areas. Pointsettia’s are well placed in the South sector for it’s red colour or in the Southeast or east to support the wood element.

For those looking to add more cheer to your space, try not to choose more than 3 colours. Distributing only 2 or 3 colours around your home will create a bright unified colour scheme that will flow nicely through out your home. In each room feature only one of your colours then add accents of the other 1 or 2 chosen colours.

For example, if you were to choose a traditional colour pallet of Red, Green & Gold. You could choose more reds in the South sector of your home with compliments of Green & Gold. In the Southeast/East sections of your home you could feature the colour Green with accents of Red and Gold.

In the West/Northwest area of your home make Gold your feature colour and accent with Red and Green. In the Northeast/Southwest area of your home feature Red to enhance the space with accents of White and Green.

In the North sector of your home use Gold with accents of White. Add green sparingly here. The distribution of these colours (red, green & gold) will support the energy in each sector of the Ba Gua while at the same time create flow and unity within your home.

Ideas for accent pieces: A simple bowl filled with round ornaments in one or all three colours that you have chosen, makes a wonderful centerpiece.

Tree lights can be wrapped around larger plants in your home to create mood lighting in a room. Floating candles in coloured water (add food colouring to water) can also be a simple festive touch to an otherwise plain candle stick.

How about a bowl of pine cones and miniature ornaments in gold or silver is simple, yet a beautiful touch.

When you feel you’ve done enough to the space – STOP – don’t add everything you own just because you have it. Don’t add clutter. Simple is often very elegant and allows “chi” to travel through your home nicely.

Add a little sparkle to add interest in your festive space – gold, silver or crystal. Start with one room at a time, one day at a time. Decorating the entire house at once is often overwhelming.


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