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35 Front Door christmas decoration

Christmas decorations start at your front door. Just like a wonderful book it starts with a great cover as an introduction. Eye appeal is part of creating the whole picture.

There are plenty of ways to do it sometimes you will see a door that looks just like a huge gift. Others use a wreath to garnish their home.

So walking up the walkway lined with candy canes lead to the presenter of the home with a beautiful decorated door.

It is just your preference what you would like to do. Your typical door welcome can be removed and replaced with one that says Happy Holidays.

You can skip your door bell if you have a knocker installed with jingle bells. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating. Use your imagination and add your special touch.

You can surround the door with garland that is pretty during the day and lit up at night. If your child has colored a pretty picture, add it as a focus point to share with others. Children love the recognition, we all know the refrigerator is an art magnet.

Tiny trees are great around the front door on your porch or deck. This will complete the welcome at the door.

Taking a few simple and easy steps with Christmas Decorations can make your home glow with the Holiday Spirit. Use extra Christmas Decorations and your childrens Holiday pictures to create a unique entry to your home.

These simple steps will greet your friends, relatives and visitors when entering your home and get them in the Holiday Spirit.


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