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40 Modern kitchens for large and small spaces ideas

When deciding upon a design style for a kitchen, the number of choices can be overwhelming. It is important to base your decision not only on looks, but also on practicality.

Among the numerous styles offered in the world of kitchen design, modern kitchens and contemporary kitchens stand out as some of the wisest options for people who want a sleek, clean look that is also very functional.

Modern kitchens and contemporary kitchens feature clean lines, a minimalist design, and a spacious look and feel. While modern kitchens are increasing in popularity among new homes, they are also never out of place in existing homes.

In fact, remodeling an older kitchen to reflect a modern design is a great way to transform the look of an older home and increase its resale value. Contemporary kitchens are equally suitable to large and small spaces. Because the emphasis is on a tidy look and open areas, a contemporary kitchen can make a very small space seem much bigger.

Modern kitchens, with their minimalist design, are a lot quicker and easier to clean than their more traditional counterparts. Many modern kitchens feature stainless steel appliances, which are easy to wipe clean and always look new.

These types of kitchens are also designed with clever storage space that leaves everything out of sight, creating a very organized look. Modern kitchens are also a great “green” choice. They can be designed to be environmentally friendly and avoid wasting energy as well as incorporating elements that help facilitate recycling and reduce waste.

Modern kitchens also feature plenty of light. A well-lit kitchen is crucial for food preparation. Cutting food, measuring, and checking how well done food is all require plenty of light to be done efficiently and safely.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in a dimly lit kitchen can tell you that lighting can make a big difference in cooking safety and quality. With their bright, wide open spaces, there is plenty of room in contemporary kitchens for guests to hang out in the kitchen without making it feel overcrowded.

Serious cooks tend to spend many hours in the kitchen and use up a lot of space. Contemporary kitchens are very efficient. Without the clutter of other types of kitchens, counter space is maximized enabling you to prepare even the most elaborate recipes in a clear space without distractions.

It is not necessary to stop and clean in the middle of a recipe just to make more space because modern kitchens are designed to give you all the space you need with none of it wasted on dust-collecting trinkets.

Cooking is different than it was years ago and as such, kitchens have evolved to reflect the latest cooking technologies. While rustic kitchens can be very beautiful, they do not offer the practicality of contemporary kitchens.

Modern kitchens take into account the needs of modern cooks and are the perfect design choice for amateurs and serious cooks alike who want a sleek look that facilitates meal preparation.


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