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36 wonderful examples of wood laminate flooring for your kitchen ideas

We had to remodel our kitchen right after we bought our house because it was in the middle of a remodel that was never finished.

We gutted it down to the studs and brought it back up again with new cabinets, new walls, and new laminate flooring. Some would say its not a good fit for a kitchen because of the chance for spills, but we easily solved that by gluing the planks together. We’ve never had a problem in over eight years.

Installing laminate floors is an excellent home improvement project that many homeowners can do themselves. It can significantly improve the value of your home without requiring too much up front cost, so the return on your investment is usually pretty high.

These days laminate flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring available to purchase. It’s sold in 15-by-15-inch and 24-by-24-inch square tiles and in thin 8-by-47-inch tongue in groove strips or planks about 3/8 inch thick.

Nearly all types are designed to be glued or, in some cases snapped, together along their interlocking edges and then installed over a thin foam pad. It quite literally floats on the subfloor and is never nailed down which nicely prevents it from warping or buckling. Once you’ve laid out each plank you trim out the edges along the walls and cabinets with simple floor trim.

Laminate is a material specifically to resemble wood flooring, although they now come in other options, too. It resists fading, is simple to clean with a damp rag or mop (never soaking wet), and doesn’t require any sanding or refinishing. Depending on the level of quality for each plank, your floor will look the same 15 years after you installed it.

Honestly, I have no serious complaints about our floor. Ours is a little shinier, and we maybe should have gone with a darker color, but those are choices we made at the time of purchase and are not flaws in the floor itself.

Now we are working on installing laminate in our bathroom using laminate tiles. So far it looks to be a very simple project and should be fairly water tight.


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