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38 contemporary japanese kitchens ideas

Asian kitchens are truly elegant and symmetrical in nature because of the fine attention to finish and detail.

If you’re eying on getting the same clean and chic style, make sure you know the right colors to use, the decors and the materials. Consistency and symmetry are two of the most important qualities of an Asian kitchen. Here are a few guidelines for yours.

The Materials

Bamboo immediately creates a wonderful Asian feel to your kitchen. You can use bamboo independently as a plant decoration. However, other more creative ideas would be to split it then line your cupboards, one part of the wall or chairs.

You can also line the lower areas of your island counter or sink. Smaller bamboo stalks with leaves can be glued on to cabinet doors and areas over the sink for a Japanese feel.

Silk is very versatile and adds some Chinese influence into your Asian kitchen. You can buy silk with beautiful prints and hang them on the wall.

Other silks preferably dark red, orange and pink can be made into table cloths, mats and coasters. Install a wooden frame over the island counter and hang white silk on it together with pots, pans and utensils.

Chrome is very popular among Asians. Choose chrome silver or gold pans, pots and utensils. You can select your refrigerator, oven, stoves and sinks in this manner too. Accessorize drawer pulls and knobs with by choosing chrome ones. The gleam of this material will help add to the sleekness and symmetry that you are trying to create.

Asian Colors and Decors

Popular Asian colors are red, white, black and dark brown. To add an oriental feel, use some gold on red or black with red. Silver also provides a cooling accent.

Chrome kitchen utensils, pots and pans will give a nice contrast. Use 3 to 4 main colors at most. You may want to use plants as well to neutralize everything. A single flower on a vase is stylish enough. Assorted fruits in a large bowl or dish also look great.

Setting chopsticks, Thai toothpicks and other native pieces will compliment your overall theme. Utilitarian rice chests are very aesthetic and useful. Hand-forged ironware are very bold as well so you may want to use one or two only at most.

You can store condiments in them when not in use. Feel free to add or mix furniture with different Asian influences. Japanese cabinets will still provide a warm effect beside exotic woodworks from Korea.


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