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43 fantastic kitchens from alno ideas

Curtains in the kitchen are fundamental component of the kitchen décor.

To complete the overall look of designer kitchens, there are many fantastic kitchen curtain ideas that will blend well with any theme.

There are various kitchen curtains ideas that you can choose from depending of course, on the type of your kitchen windows and the type of kitchen you have.

1. If you have a modern kitchen, you also have to consider contemporary style kitchen curtains. Most designer kitchens opt for lightweight and sheer fabrics with steel or chrome rods. Sheer fabrics allow soft light from the sun to enter the kitchen and contribute to energy efficiency.

You may choose any pattern that suits your taste. You can choose to have mid length curtains or full-length curtains, but if you want more privacy you may hang kitchen curtains made of thick fabric.

Choose cotton fabrics with a printed pattern or plain in bright colors. Make sure that your kitchen curtains match the color of your kitchen flooring, wall paint or wallpaper.

2. If you have a rustic or country kitchen, you will need a different style of curtains. Choose fabrics with patterns like gingham, big stripes, or you can also go for fruit, vegetable, or flower printed. See to it that your curtains do not clash with the rest of the kitchen decor.

Café curtains are perfect for rustic themed kitchen. You can choose plain fabrics in a bright shade or something with a nice and simple pattern. Café curtains allow some air to go inside your kitchen as it covers only the lower half of your kitchen window and the upper half is left open so you can still see the scenery outside at the same time cover up the lower half giving you some privacy.

If you want to hang café curtains in your kitchen, install a cornice or valance at the top part of the window. Cotton and linen fabrics are the best materials for this type of curtain.

3. Some people opt for the no-fuss vertical or roman blinds or shades for their kitchen windows. Blinds are more expensive than curtains but they are easy to maintain.

Curtains are essential when it comes to home furnishing. It has the power to transform the look of any room either to make it look elegant or cozy, warm or spacious.

Whatever window treatments you select for your kitchen, ensure that it matches the overall design and beauty of your kitchen and home as a whole. Also, it is a smart idea to pick kitchen curtains that are easy to maintain and clean.

Designer kitchens are usually born out of the homeowners’ creative mind. In this case, it would be an excellent idea to try to exploit their innovative and creative skills by making their own curtains.

Try experimenting with no sew curtains. They are very simple and easy to make as well as easily replaceable, too. Choosing the fabric for your no sew kitchen curtain depends on your taste. Though there are a lot of fabrics to choose from, satin silk and drapery fabrics are perfect for this style.


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