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45 Wonderful Design Valentines Living Room

Valentines Day, February 14th is fast approaching. The only day in the year that is set aside, purely to show those closest to us, how much we care. Why not do something different this year to really make Valentines 2010 stand out in their memory?

To mark the occasion you can dress your home with candles, scatter cushions, throws and flowers and invest in new bedding for that gloriously fresh, comfortable and romantic feeling.

The home is your private sanctuary together and with a little bit of thought, you can transform your home space to make it more luxurious and sensual for a special evening in.

Light candles to create a romantic mood

Contemporary candles are a quick and easy way to transform the look of any room. Their availability, in such a vast range of shapes, sizes, colours and scents, makes it possible to choose exactly the right form of waxwork art, to bring a sense of romance to the home.

Widely used as mood setters, candles will enhance light and shadow, creating a warm and sensual glow. They lend an ambience and a naturally romantic feel to any room in the home, awakening the senses and instantly relieving the stresses and tensions caused by harsh overhead electric lighting.

Coloured, scented candles really come into their own in bathroom and bedroom settings. Here you can dispense with electricity altogether, relax and immerse yourself in sublime, flickering candlelight.

Enjoy the romantic interplay of the dancing shadows and patterns that adorn the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture, of your homemade haven of peace, love and tranquillity.

Buy new cushions and throws to make your living room more luxurious

Scatter cushions and throws using sumptuous, textured fabrics and fiery colours will help to lift the mood of your living room adding to the feeling of luxury.

Whether you plan to cuddle up on the sofa watching a romantic movie together, or sit on the floor in front of a roaring fire, new cushions in bright reds and oranges will look and feel great.

Create a romantic dining room

If you plan to eat in this Valentines Day, make sure you dress your dining room. Aim for a warm colour scheme – of pinks, reds or oranges to set the tone of romance. Add a table runner, place mats, candelabra and soft lighting to create a relaxed, intimate mood.

Add flowers to every room

There is nothing more romantic than freshly cut flowers. Arrange in vases in every room for the ultimate wow factor! Add flowers to your dining table, coffee table, sideboard or mantle, as well as in the bedroom.

Add passion to your bedroom

This Valentines Day, re-ignite your passion by spending some quality time with your partner and making this a day and night to remember. In the bedroom, as well as lighting scented candles and decorating with flowers, invest in brand new bed linen.

There is nothing nicer than snuggling up with a loved one under fresh, crisp new sheets. Buy high quality bedding made from organic fair trade cotton for the ultimate in contemporary luxury. And accessorise with a beautiful throw in reds, oranges, pinks or golds and coordinating cushions.


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