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46 Cool Ideas For Your Bedroom

If you are reading this article you are looking for ideas for decorating your bedroom. It is easy to get overwhelmed with such a task due to the massive range to choose from.

Below are a few ideas that hopefully will help get the wheels turning and put you on the road to designing that perfect bedroom you can relax in.

Need Inspiration?

One of the best places I have found to get the creative juices flowing is from books. I like to visit my local Home Depot or Lowe’s and browsed through their books.

They usually have a very large selection and you can look through them without buying them. Another great place to find some ideas is at your local bookstore. Find the interior design section and start searching, taking note of designs that you really like.


This is an area that needs careful consideration. You want to select a bedding that will not only go well with the decor you have in mind, but will also easily adapt just in case you change your mind and want to go with a different scheme.

Among the top choice in bedding when looking for something to go with most any decor is the polka dot bedding. It is available in a number of schemes, styles and colors.

If polka dot bedding isn’t for you, perhaps the zebra or animal print would fit your style better. Both of these are very popular and can give the bedroom a since of elegance as well as flow with most any decor.

Still Stuck? Maybe you need a little professional advice

If you have tried surfing on the internet, searching through books and you still don’t have a good grasp on how you want to decorate your bedroom, consider hiring an interior designer.

You don’t have to hire them to do the job, just pay for a consultation where they will give you their suggestions. This should be more than enough to give you an idea of exactly what you want in your bedroom.


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