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49 Lovely Flower Arrangements for Table Decorating

Flower arrangement and design is considered an art. When before one would only pick flowers in the garden and put them in a vase is enough,

now, it is of utmost importance that the flower arranger understands the occasion, the theme, the color motif, and the preferences of the client before coming up with a flower design.

As flowers come in different colors and varieties, combining them is a difficult task if one is not creative and imaginative enough to think of flower designs.

The good thing is there really are no set rules as to what a beautiful flower arrangement is and what is not. Flowers can be arranged using a single type of bloom, or a combination of an assortment of flowers.

Ribbons, tulle, leaves, and other embellishments can be used to come up with a creative and unique look.

Understanding the need for the flowers, the budget, and accessories needed for the arrangement is the key to come up with the perfect flower design.

What is the occasion? If the flower arrangement is for a wedding, most definitely, the look and the flower design must be a bit formal than decorations for a birthday party.

It must have a classy yet comfortable feel to it. Flower arrangements may be placed on tables as centerpieces or on walls so as not to appear too daunting in the venue.

Colors will depend on the motif – it may follow the color theme or colors that complement the main theme.

How much is the budget? Some people become uncomfortable when talking about budget. But, this is really an important aspect of planning so that florists will know the type and amount of flowers needed to decorate the space, including tables.

If budget is a concern, flowers need not be of the flashy kind or design. Small centerpieces, as long as they are arranged creatively, will still make a great impression.

What varieties of flowers should be used? Again, this is an important aspect of planning because this involves budget allotted for flower arrangements.

For budget issues, it is advisable to choose flowers that are available regardless of the season. The best options would be daisies, baby’s breath, lilies, tulips, and the classic roses.

Though there are no set rules in flower arrangement, there are definitely a hundred and one ideas to design them.

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