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40 Comfy Coffee Table Design Ideas

The classic coffee table is a must for any home, and can describe an entire household with its style and level of distress.

The recent fad of creating your own coffee table is one that really has resulted in a huge amount of blue prints for you to create your own. It’s as fun as it is different, and the options are incredible.

Given the nature of the coffee table, it needs to be sturdy, but that sturdiness is reasonably easy to attain, given the lower level that it sits at. Creating a structurally sound dining table is significantly more difficult.

The great thing about making your own coffee table is that you can make it out of pretty much anything solid enough to put a cup of coffee on.

Wood is a common coffee table material, but this can be substituted for a huge range of substances. Reinforced glass, metal, and even old phone books (soaked in varnish!) have provided excellent base materials.

You needn’t be an excellent carpenter to get into making your own coffee table either, as there are many ways to have most of the joinery done for you.

Road signs make a good start, and only require a little heating a gluing to make suitable for smaller tables.

Also very common at the moment are modular designs of coffee table. In essence, what these demand is that you make a number of smaller tables that lock together. The locking is important here, as the strength is far greater as one unit.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, it’s reasonably easy to install lights and sensors to the unit, so that it reacts with anyone interacting with it.

Commonly, this is used with subtle uplighting when someone puts anything on the table. Places like Maplin will be able to help you identify the right components to do this.


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