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40 Lovely Flower Arrangements For Table Decorating Inspiration

While flowers are always a nice touch, sometimes you want to opt for something a little more unique when it comes to bedecking your reception tables.

Here are some ideas-use them or be inspired by them!

1. Other natural objects like seashells, stones, and leaves, can be artfully arranged to make beautiful and cost-effective centerpieces. You can secure them on an inexpensive plate with an adhesive, or leave them loose in the center of the table.

2. Clear glass bottles with brightly-colored sandart make for unique and eye-catching pieces. This is a great idea for weddings in the Southwest, or with guests who have pollen allergies.

3. Do you and your partner have any hobbies you enjoy together and are known for? Do you have a favorite band, or a movie that’s special to the two of you?

Think of ways to incorporate those into distinctive table decorations. (This works especially well for those of you with geekier pursuits, who may have amassed a collection of action figures that have nothing but sentimental value to you now.)

4. A short, meaningful, poem printed in an attractive script font on specialty paper can be put in a wire holder in the center of the table for a thoughtful and understated decoration that still speak to the occasion. Song lyrics also work.

5. Clear vases housing a live betta fish, decorative pebbles, and a non-toxic plant like peace lilies or philodendrons. These will sure to be a delight for everyone, especially the younger wedding guests.

After the reception, the bettas can go home with members of the wedding party as an extra thank-you, or with any of the guests who want a new pet. If you don’t like the idea of using animals as a table decoration, skip the bettas and just stick with the flowers and the water and the decorative pebbles.

6. If you don’t mind plastering your faces all over the place, you can get some extra photos of the two of you (engagement photos, silly candids, whatever you want), glue them on some cardstock or construction paper, and secure them in a notecard holder. You can also combine this one with number four: your picture on one side, and a poem or song lyric on the back.

7. Keep it fun! Pile puzzle books in the middle of the table. You can make them festive with ribbons and confetti, or just keep them as they are. Crossword puzzles are great for this, because the whole table can work together to figure out the clues.

8. You can combine the favors and the table decorations: put together goody bags of candy or candles with guest’s names on them in the middle of the table.

Sprinkle them with some confetti and glitter, and it goes from being a pile of stuff to a cute and functional centerpiece. If you want, you can wreath them in craft store artificial vines to spruce them up a bit further.


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