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40 Best Diy Bed Ideas That Suitable For Small Space

Have you recently converted your loft space into a new bedroom? Have you bought a new property but found that you’re not able to utilise the space in the bedroom as well as you initially thought? Situations like these can require some creative thinking.

First of all, measure the space in the room so you have a realistic idea of what you can fit in the room. Sketching a floor plan may also help.

Secondly, you should think about the style, but again, be realistic. If the room is small, you should choose a bed which is going to compliment the size of the room and draw attention away from the space, instead pulling the focus to the bed itself.

You should also make sure that the bed is comfortable and suits your own personal taste. Is it important that you can choose the type of mattress which comes with the frame? Is there a certain style of bed frame that you particularly like? These are all questions to consider making your purchase. After all, we do spend almost a third of our life sleeping! Due to this fact, you cannot afford to compromise on comfort. If you’re comfortable and happy in your new bed, this will be reflected in your sleeping patterns too.

Where space is an issue, your first thought may drift to storage. Divan beds are a great way of combining your sleeping sanctuary with a handy place to store clothes or additional bedding underneath for example – two pieces of bedroom furniture for the price of one. Divans are a great choice as they also look very contemporary while having that added bonus of storage space. With the space you’re saving on storage, you may find you can add some other bedroom furniture you would have otherwise been unable to.

A loft bed is another example of utilising your space well by combining both an area for sleep and a work area. By raising the bed, you can give yourself ample space beneath for a desk or sofa. If you’re not the biggest fan of heights and would prefer to sleep a little closer to the floor, you can raise the mattress by a few feet instead and use the space underneath for storage.

Being low on space doesn’t mean that you’re low on options. For the more adventurous, why not explore the option of a hanging bed? Granted, this may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is certainly an interesting option!

Of course, if you prefer your bed to be a little more on the traditional side, there are a wide range of wooden and metal beds to choose from. Again, storage can be an option underneath, depending on the height of the frame.

The most important things to remember when purchasing a bed for your cosy space are to make sure that the bed is an appropriate size, the style is correct for you and that it is going to be somewhere you will be happy sleeping. No matter what you choose, the right bed is out there for you.


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