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42 Cool Teenage Boy Room Decor

Designing a room for your teenage boy isn’t as difficult as it seems. The key is knowing what his hobbies are and what he likes to do with his time. Involve your teen in the design process so you can come up with a cool design that you both can agree on.

Room colors for boys are usually very different from girls’ rooms. Boys tend to like darker, cooler colors, such as black, brown, blue, and green. That doesn’t mean you can’t throw splashes of brighter colors in the room. Paint the walls his favorite color, or a more friendly shade of it. You can also use an accent wall of his favorite color with a neutral color on the remaining walls.

Using cool wall art or decals is a great way for your son to have a cool and unique room. Based on what he likes, you can create a theme for the room. If he loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, or hunting, you can include some of these elements in the room design. If he likes video games, his favorite video game characters can become fun wall art in his room. If he likes the ocean and surfing, a cool wave of blue can wash over the entire room. If your teen is a soon-to-be sports star, or just enjoys playing around from time to time, let him show off his inspiration with pieces of equipment or apparel from his favorite sport or team.

You can also liven up his room by adding accents of the color of your son’s favorite sport. For instance, if he plays basketball, splashes of orange can be added throughout the room. You can use yellow if he’s into tennis, or green if he likes golf. Adding pops of these colors will also help give the room a cohesive design.

Wall murals are great for showing off your son’s favorite hobbies or patterns. He can have a full wall covered with his favorite sports stadium, city skyline, video game graphics, or movie scene. Surrounding your teen with his favorite hobby can transform the room. Hang surfboards on the wall in a unique way or some of his sporting equipment to show off his favorite sport. If he’s into the military, you can use this pattern throughout the room without overdoing it.

Teen’s styles and preferences are always changing so don’t do anything too permanent. Wall murals are easy to install and change. Using multi-functional furniture is also a great way to make sure your room design can change as your teen grows. You also want to focus on creating lots of storage and organization in the room. Most teenage boys tend to be a little messy-ok, a lot messy. Giving him a place for everything may help him keep neat.

Your teen needs different spaces in his room. Whether he’s into video games, sports, music, electronics, or comic books, you can create different spaces to emphasize these activities. If he’s a gamer, create a cool gaming zone where he can play. While you may not want him to spend too much time there, making a space for studying and other hobbies will give him somewhere else to spend his time. If he likes to hang out with his friends, use fun beanbag chairs or nest lounge chairs to create a social area. If he’s a musician or DJ, let him have a space in his room for his instruments or music equipment. Let him display his favorite things and it will give the room a personal touch.

Your son wants a cool room where he can hang out and be himself. A cohesive design with spaces for his hobbies, studying, and sleep, you can give him just what he wants.

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