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41 Home Gym Spaces Ideas

Many people enjoy exercising and keeping fit, but are reluctant to go to the gym because of the expense and the unpleasantness of exercising in a crowded room full of other sweaty people. For this reason home gyms are becoming increasingly popular, especially as people realise you don’t need a huge amount of space or money to exercise at home.

However, you’re not going to be very motivated to use your home gym if it’s cramped, dark, dingy or otherwise unwelcoming. It stands to reason that the nicer the environment, the more likely you’ll be to want to spend time in it. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to make your home gym into a place you actually want to go to if you follow these easy home gym decorating ideas.

1. Arrange your exercise equipment well

Firstly, no matter how small or large your home gym room, it’s important to arrange your equipment well in order to make the most of the space that you have. Exercising in a cluttered environment is no fun, so make sure that any tall or bulky machines are placed by the wall, and keep the centre of the room for smaller items and space in which to move freely.

If you’re just planning your home gym, it can be useful to make a floor plan in advance if you know which equipment you’ll be buying, and then you can plan the rest of your decorating around this.

2. Choose the right colour scheme

Secondly, it’s worth spending some time thinking about the best types of colours to use on the walls. You’ll probably want to feel energised when exercising, so you may find that warm colours such as oranges and yellows are good for home gym decoration as they have a more stimulating effect – and conversely, you may want to avoid cool blues and greens as these will tend to be relaxing.

On the other hand, if you do a lot of yoga-type exercises, you might prefer a more muted colour scheme that’s designed to induce relaxation. There’s no right or wrong here; just be aware of your individual reactions to various colours, and realise that the colour of your walls will have a strong influence on how you experience your gym.

3. Wall decorations

Once you’ve got your walls painted the right colours for you, don’t just leave them blank. It can be a good idea to make use of your wall space and decorate them with images that make the room more appealing. You might also consider some motivational posters or fitness-related images, especially if you find it challenging to maintain your exercise routine.

4. Make use of a mirror

While having an entire wall covered with floor to ceiling mirrors like commercial gyms do might not be a practical option, it’s worth adding at least one full length mirror when decorating your home gym. If you’re just starting to get into shape, it’ll be motivating to see your body firm up. And even if you’re already very fit, being able to watch yourself in the mirror as you exercise is useful for ensuring that you’re maintaining the correct form, especially if you’re using weights.

5. Add some entertainment

A stereo or MP3 dock, and a TV or screen with a DVD player can also be invaluable additions to any home gym. Most people find that music helps them to enjoy their workout more, and while it’s easy to use headphones, filling a room of music can be more pleasant and will give your ears a rest too.

The DVD player is also an essential if you like to do workout videos, and even if you don’t you should consider them as they can be a great way to add variety to your exercise routine.

6. Get the right lighting

Another thing to think about when it comes to home gym decor is the lighting. If you’re room is dim and dingy, you probably won’t want to spend much time there, so make sure it’s brightly lit. You might even want to get some full spectrum daylight bulbs, as they can be more energising than the regular yellow kind.

7. Keep it smelling nice

A well decorated room will please all the senses, so don’t forget about your nose. Like any gym, your room might end up smelling less than fresh after you’ve been using it for a while, so you’ll need to take some measures to keep it smelling nice. As well as just opening the window, you could try burning some aromatherapy oils or incense sticks – these can be especially nice if you’re doing a lot of yoga or stretching exercises, as they really helped to create an appropriate atmosphere.

You might also want to keep some plants in your home gym – as well is looking nice, they can help to purify the air.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for decorating your home gym and making it into a space that you actually want to spend more time in. No matter how much or little money you have to spend, it’s possible to create an environment that is appealing enough that you’ll no longer have any excuses not to exercise!


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