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39 Inspiring Diy Backyard Projects For Your Pets

Dogs are beloved pets that complete the family. If you own a large dog, or even two large dogs, it is very important that you build them a large dog house that would commensurate with their size. It’s not a matter of whether your dogs are large or not. Sometimes, even small dogs would rather want a larger space where can run around with, and if you’re planning to add several more dogs to your household, a large kennel would also be an advantage.

Aside from the practical purpose of the shelter where your dog can stay for the night or be a place that your pets can call their own, dog houses also add a beautiful element in your yard. There are many kinds of designs that are often used to build homes for your dogs. Two of the most common and basic dog house designs are the single and duplex homes.

There are many advantages to building a huge dog house that incorporates either design. One of the most notable advantages includes economic gains which you can’t have when you decide to build two separate structures for your dog. The money that is spent on two structures is significantly higher than that which you use to build one big kennel.

Having a kennel is also a unique type of structure that you can install on your backyard. If you have a relatively spacious backyard and you want to decorate it with flowers and ornamental plants, why not go a little higher and put up a dog house instead? It’s a unique feature that you can decorate all you want in your backyard.

If you are planning to build a kennel, it’s best that you choose wood for the building material. Wood is so much prettier to look at compared to metal kennels and a house made of wood is also far more comfortable and homey compared to metal which may heat up when the outdoor temperature is too high or become too cold when the outdoor temperature is low.

It’s also very important to use the right wood species that you will be using for the dog house. There are a variety of options that are available in local lumber yards that can be used to build a beautiful kennel. Aside from the finish, texture and color of the wood, you also have to consider its properties and whether or not they are susceptible to rotting and termites.

Good options that you can use are treated pine or cedar which is the type of wood that is naturally resistant. If you are running out of budget, you can also use scraps that you may have from previous building projects or ask around your friends, relatives or neighbors if they have pieces of wood that they can spare and that you can use for the kennel.

Other good options also include old furniture that still has good wood pieces that you can still use to create the dog house. There are many other options available. Use your creativity and plan way ahead for this project to ensure its success.


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