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39 Simple Wooden Bathroom Design

The most common conventional choice and color for any bathroom is white tiling, maybe with a pinch of color or design here and there. This trend however is becoming quite mundane and you are wondering what else you can do to add a sense of style to the area. Well wooden cladding gives the solution, are ideal especially for that cottage house in the woods or if you are simply tired of the old, and want a new touch.

At the mention of wood, you are probably wondering how this can be possible, given that wood absorbs moisture making it swell losing it natural luster and beauty. Wood is truly beautiful, classy and elegant. These factors are made lasting by protecting the wood with various forms of polish, which are water, and humidity resistant making wood applicable for your bathroom suites.

Wood provides one with much to choose from in terms of design and variety. You can choose from a range of woods including the majestic dark oak, the versatile pine or the soft cedar. The choice of wood however, depends on the design you have in mind and the message you want conveyed every time you step in. What gives wooden bathroom cladding its edge in design is the color you choose and how you arrange the panels to contrast the tiles, the sinks and the faucets.

Remember that unlike tiles where you can have the room covered, you need to mix up the wood with the tiles since the wood cannot be used in a wet area but only its surroundings. Give the wood some distance from the wet area to increase its durability. The polish and varnish will seal the wood to prevent moisture in but even this will wear out if directly exposed to too much water.

Apart from the aesthetic values of wood panels, they also serve various functional purposes. Wood is a great insulator, making your bathroom warm especially on those cold mornings and if you live in a cold region. It keeps in heat and keeps the room cool in the hot months reducing the need for a radiator in the cold months. Well-polished wood is durable and does not promote the growth of the mildew that turns your tiles green. In addition, it is easier to nail in those towels hooks and rails in wood, than it is in cement, plaster or tile.


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